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Bartenders Beware: Dealing with Bar Rot

If you are a bartender, you know what we are talking about. In short, bar rot is a fungal infection of the cuticles. Day and night, you may be washing bar glasses in hot water and cold water. You may be cutting up citrus fruits. Wet to dry, dry to wet. The fluctuation of these conditions is what brings bar rot. The fingers may then become inflamed, raw, and prone to infection.


If bar rot is left untreated, you could lose your fingernail, or worse, your finger. So what is a bartender to do? There are certainly ways to best avoid and how to deal with bar rot. Here are just a few recommendations…

  • Don’t touch the lemons or limes. Easier said than done, right? However, citric acid will dry out your skin! Instead of grabbing with your fingers, use tongs or toothpicks.
  • Moisturize several times a night. Remember to use unscented lotion, as you do not want to mess with people’s food or drinks.
  • Use Terrasil Anti-Fungal Ointment when necessary. Our powerful, all-natural ointment can treat bar rot.
  • Cutting up fruit and citrus? Wear gloves.
  • Keep your nails short to prevent bacteria buildup.
  • Wear a latex finger protector if you are in the healing process. These are inexpensive and can help you recover faster (without getting much in the way of your work!)

We know you have a busy night ahead of you, but your health should come first! Taking the above precautions and tips serious may help keep you in the clear.

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Doctor Recommended

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No Animal Products

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Customer Reviews

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